Marketing For Attorneys: Effective Strategies That Matter

A lot of attorneys are wondering how come they are not getting enough clients. The usual culprit in this scenario is poor marketing for attorneys. How are you perceived by your audience? Is your law firm visible to the right audience? Marketing may be quite difficult especially if you don’t have any experience doing this. Today, online marketing is an alternative used by smaller firms and those that don’t have a lot of funds.

If you will ask experts on the best marketing approach that can be used today for attorneys, here are some effective things that can make a huge difference.

Getting the help of local celebrities

The help of local celebrities can help boost your company’s credibility. It can be in form of an Instagram post, or even a mention in their social media; these are some of the most common strategies that can help you expand your network. But of course, keep in mind that there are instances when this can actually backfire.

Showcase positive reviews by past clients

Word of mouth advertising is key to success for many law firms. For a lot of potential clients, they’d most likely take the word of other individuals who availed of your services. But of course, you want to make sure that you respond to negative reviews. If you allow people leave unanswered reviews, this can be detrimental to your solid reputation.

Create the right blend of interesting and highly-informative content

Interesting and highly-informative content can go viral. If you make long ones then this can even help your company’s SEO ranking. Over the years, a lot of things have changed on how Google ranks websites. Today, it matters that you invest on the content that your readers can learn a lot from.

For instance, you can provide them with a comprehensive legal advice simplified for those who aren’t legal savvy. Do this regularly and you will be surprised by your site’s traffic.

Social media presence

Social media can help boost the number of eyeballs on your company. Unfortunately, not all law firms have the right social media presence. If you feel that you are not connecting well with your audience, it is a smart move to hire the pros. There are social media experts who are versatile at connecting to the right audience. They can make the right voice that matches your branding, not to mention, they can time the posts well.

Video marketing

These days, a lot of people are visual learners. They’d rather watch a video than read content about certain legal issues. You can take advantage of this scenario by making vides that can help explain legal matters. Having your own YouTube channel is a great way not only to boost the traffic on your website but even have a solid reputation in your niche.

Marketing for attorneys is never straight forward. In fact, you may have to mix things every now and then. You will have to observe the reaction of your niche. There are instances when it can be a learning process.

Smart and Effective Marketing For Lawyers

A lot of lawyers starting their practice in a particular area are faced with the difficulty of building their clients. This isn’t surprising. Keep in mind that it takes a lot of time to build a good number of clients in your law firm.

From having a wonderful office to advertising your law office, it is important that people have a good impression of your practice. Today’s marketing for lawyers may involve both online and offline campaigns. And unfortunately, there is no single rule that you can follow. Different markets may have different reactions to your marketing campaign.

If you don’t have a huge marketing budget, it is important that you turn to smart and efficient options. Here are some of the best marketing strategies for lawyers that you can use in order to grow your clients and build a solid reputation in the niche.

Get an endorsement from your clients

If you don’t have the budget to pay a celebrity to endorse you, it is a good idea that you rely on your past clients. Ask them if they can do a simple testimonial for you. This type of marketing for lawyers can be just as good as word of mouth advertising.

But of course, there will always be customers who will not be too happy with your service. If you ever get a poor rating, make sure that you ask them what you could’ve done better to change their mind.

Create content for your market

Content is a great way to build a solid reputation. It can also get clients to trust you. It is important to make comprehensive content every now and then. Scheduled content can give the law firm the boost it needs in its SEO and can even get shares on social media.

And it doesn’t always have to be written content. Today, there are a lot of law firms taking advantage of YouTube. Video marketing is something that you should consider given the fact that people watch a lot of videos online.

Create a professional looking website

If people need legal help, they’d most likely try to find an available lawyer online. If you want to be found online, it is important that you take the necessary effort in making a professional website. It is a great way to market your company, not to mention it can also convince your visitors that you have what it takes to provide them the legal services that they are looking for.

Email marketing

Email marketing is something underutilized by many law firms. It is imperative to maximize the reach of your email list every now and then. There are instances when offering your work in a subtle way via email can help give you new clients.

Marketing for lawyers may not be quite simple. It takes a lot of effort and knowledge of the trends in today’s World Wide Web. In some situations, it is even best if you simply take the backseat and let online marketing experts get the work done. This can even lessen the possible mistakes that you could be committing along the way.


Lawyer SEO: Effective Strategies to Make Your Site Rank Better

The legal profession can be a tough market to survive in. It requires a solid reputation, not to mention experience in order to build your number of clients. Over the years, companies with the ability to pay traditional media are the ones that usually grow their reach.

However, with the presence of online marketing, it becomes possible for companies such as starting law firms to have an equal footing against bigger and more established law practitioners. For instance, lawyer SEO can help companies maximize their website’s visibility. Here are some SEO strategies that you can go for.

Write longer

Comprehensive and useful content can help you get the best ranking for your website. A lot of companies forget the fact that people go online to read useful information about certain topics. It is a good idea to invest a lot of time on writing content that can be considered useful to your market.

Since you are offering legal services to your audience, it is a good idea that you don’t make the terms too technical. A lot of your readers don’t have any idea about the law. It makes sense that you create comprehensive content that can easily be understood by your audience.

According to SEO experts, content that contains 2,000 words rank better than shorter content. It can also discuss the topic more.

Use the right keywords

Keywords also play a huge role on how your website is going to rank. It is imperative that you know exactly how to find the right keyword that can work on your content. Unfortunately, a lot of websites still make use of highly competitive keywords. These popular keywords make it hard for your page to rank. Instead, what you can do is to find long tail keywords. Answering the queries can be a great strategy to get the best rank for your website.

Focus on your visitor’s experience

It is also important that you consider the user experience. It is imperative that the website is mobile friendly. Aside from the fact that it should fit the smaller screens because of the number of people using mobile internet, mobile friendly websites are also easier to navigate for users.

Apart from the mobile web design, a lot of SEO experts are suggesting websites to invest on having “https” instead of the usual “http”. In the future, experts are looking at the possibility of having secured websites getting the better ranking than those unsecured websites.

Speed up the website’s loading time

It is also imperative to speed up the loading time of your website. Websites that don’t load well are usually left by visitors anyway. These days, Google is also looking at your website’s loading time. And for those websites that load too long, don’t be surprised if you don’t see your website on the top of the search result page.

What you can do is to change your host. It is also a good idea to have the website redesigned. There are instances when a new web design can fix the problem.

More than ever, you should concentrate on your website’s SEO.  Lawyer SEO can be a deal breaker especially if you are somewhat new in your market. By doing these things, it is possible to get a decent market share.


Effective Marketing Ideas for Law Firms

If you are a practicing lawyer in your area, it can be difficult to compete with some of the more established lawyers and law firms. If you fear that you might not be able to compete with your competitors, it is always a good idea to play your cards right.

For small and new law firms and practicing lawyers, it is important to take their online marketing campaign seriously. An online marketing campaign can help starting and small law firms get the leverage that they need in order to survive competing with much larger competition. The good news is that there are a lot of marketing ideas for law firms.

Professional looking web design

A professionally looking website is a must especially for a lawyer or a law firm. Keep in mind that the website should be a reflection of your company. In order to make a website look professional, it is important to choose the right color. Aside from the color, make sure that there are photos that are professionally taken. It is a big mistake to stick to stock photos especially if you are offering your legal services.

Mobile friendly web design

Next, it is important that the website is going to be seen without a problem on small devices. If the website can’t fit smaller devices it affects the website in different ways. One, it is possible that your site is going to have a higher bounce rate. More people will choose to go to other law firms that can be viewed seamlessly and can be navigated without a problem on their tablet or phone. Next, it also affects your site’s ranking. Google algorithm now prioritizes mobile friendly websites.

Make a voice that reflects your branding

Next, it is important to have the right voice on social media. This should reflect your branding. It is important that the branding is professional. However, when it comes to your social media voice, it shouldn’t be too intimidating that people might stop going for your services.

There are instances when you will have to change the voice of your company if you think that it is not working according to plan. One of the best ways to minimize mistakes is by doing a lot of research. What type of voice do other companies use? You can pattern the type of voice that can set you apart from the rest of your competition.

Check the numbers

There are some marketing ideas for law firms that won’t work all the time. It is a good idea that law firms make the necessary adjustments according to the numbers. Among the things that should be checked include the bounce rate and the conversion rate of the website. It is also a good idea to use successful online marketing patterns.

Online marketing can make a huge difference to a law firm’s performance. It can even help the law firm compete and survive despite being a new player in the area. By following some of these strategies, it is a possibility that the law firms reach more people. Keep in mind though that you may have to adjust and even change your strategies all together.


Tips on How to Fix SEO For Law Firm

If you are running a law firm and you notice that your site is not getting enough traffic, it is a good idea that you check the ranking. There are instances when your site is in need of an SEO campaign that can bring the website to the top of search result pages.

SEO for law firm can be beneficial in so many ways. Not only does it improve the traffic, it can even give you a good reputation against your competitors. However, if you think that it is still simply about backlinks, you have to reassess your understanding of Search Engine Optimization. Today, Google has focused on user experience. Here are some things that you should look into if you wish to improve the SEO of your law firm website.

Relevant and highly informative original content

Content is the best commodity that you can invest in if you are going to improve the ranking of your website. Why is content more important these days? Well written content can easily answer questions and provide information that is useful to a particular niche. Law firms looking to improve their site’s ranking can invest on copywriter with experience and knowledge of legal matters.


Though backlinks are not as important as they were years ago, it remains important in ranking your website. The good news is that there are different ways on how to create backlinks. With content that contains a lot of information, it is possible that some other sites will make use of your content as reference.

Another means of growing your number of backlinks is by getting guest bloggers. Guest bloggers not only helps expand your audience, it can also give your sites the backlinks that you need.

Mobile friendly web design

Not all web designs are equal. Today, websites that can’t fit to small screens are facing problems because they no longer rank on searches made on mobile phones and other devices. It is important to fit on small screens because there are more and more people who are relying on their phones and mobile devices to connect to the World Wide Web.

Aside from SEO, having a mobile website also pleases your audience. It allows them to read better, not to mention navigate in your website without a problem.

Social media signals

Social media signals are important. Search engine algorithms are now looking at social media signals on your posts. The more your posts are shared on Facebook, Google, and other social media platforms, the more likely that it is going to be ranked well.

In order to make your content viral, it needs to be useful to a market. Next, it is imperative to be interesting enough for your audience. Crafting interesting titles for instance can help get more shares.

Currently, 80% of Google users will only go for the first page. That means websites on the second page are losing a lot of traffic. A lot of things can be done in order to reverse this problem. However, make sure that you are following Google’s guidelines if you wish to avoid instances that can even de-index your website.


Effective Strategies For Marketing Law Firm

A lot of individuals today looking for a lawyer will most likely use the World Wide Web. This only means that if you have a law firm, it is crucial that you get the help of an online marketing company to find the right people.

Having the right marketing law firm company can make a huge impact on your law firm business. It can help connect your law firm to your market with ease. However, what are the usual online marketing services that you want to prioritize? Here are some things that you can include in your campaign.

Create long and useful content to your audience

Long and useful content can make a huge difference to any niche. For lawyers, it is important to have content that can answer questions and even correct misconceptions about legal matters. The longer the content, the more likely that it is going to be shared on Facebook. Also, search engine algorithms are also favoring long content over short ones.

And when it comes to content marketing strategies, long and highly informative content can have more backlinks which is ultimately good for SEO.

Timely social media shares

Next, it is imperative that the company is going to make timely shares online. Whether it is a greeting or a content that answers to pertinent issues in your community, it is important to know what to share on social media and also when to do it.

Build a voice that is in line with your brand

By having social media platforms, it is imperative that you have a voice that your audience can easily recognize. This can help your company in building a brand. For a law firm, it is important that the voice is professional and yet approachable to potential clients.

Use video marketing strategies

Marketing law firm strategies should also utilize video marketing. Video marketing can be a great way to deliver content to your audience. It can explain legal concepts and can easily cater to visual learners. In addition to this, it can even be used to supplement your blog which has been proven to improve reading experience.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to follow up on clients that have contacted your company in the past. How do you build your own list? It is possible to expand your email list by incentivizing your potential clients. It can be in a form of a discount that they can use when they get a consultation.

Running an online marketing campaign for your law firm may not be straight forward. There are instances that you will have to make certain changes in order to adapt to your market. Also, keep in mind that not all online marketing strategies work. Be sure to evaluate the effectiveness of each campaign that you utilize in order to get the most out of your online presence. Also, there are instances when you will need to hire a professional in order to get the best results for your online marketing campaign. This prevents a lot of the mistakes from trial and error.


Website Design for Law Firm: Things That Matter That The Most

If you will look at the numbers, Google gets 100 billion searches every month according to a study in 2015. That goes to show that people these days don’t need a directory in order to find the company that they wish to work with. If you are practicing as a lawyer or if you are running your own law firm, it makes sense that you also pay attention to your website and overall online marketing strategy.

However, over the years, website design trends have changed. An ideal website design for law firm companies five years ago may no longer be what is ideal today. If you are planning to have a website designed, here are some things that you should pay attention to.

Full-width website designs

It is important to adapt to new technology. Over the years, large screens have become common. And one of the best ways on how you can maximize large screens is by having a full-width design. It can help maximize the view and can even make navigation of different pages easier.

Instead of transferring to another page, the user simply needs to scroll down in order to find the necessary information on the website. With minimal switching of pages, it makes it easier for the user to read pertinent information on your website.

Focus on your content

It is important that the website design of your law firm is still geared towards content. There should be enough room for content. Not only does it provide the necessary information to your audience, it can also improve the overall ranking of the website.

Mobile friendly design

Another important web design consideration today is a mobile friendly design. According to a study, tablet users have the highest add-to-cart rate in contrast to other devices. This only means that there is also a chance that you are going to improve your conversion when you have a website that can fit to smaller screens. And also, those websites that can fit smaller screens have been ranking better over the past years compared to those websites that can’t adapt aren’t mobile friendly.

Include social media buttons

Social media is another important aspect that should be considered. When it comes to the website’s design, there should always be a portion dedicated to the social media platforms that the law firm has. This makes it easier for your potential market to follow your company on social media.

Page dedicated to queries

Communication should be made easy with the help of the website. It is imperative that the web design includes a contact us page that has the form where the user can send a question and leave his or her contact details.

A well-planned web design can help build a solid reputation to a law firm. It is also possible to maximize the visibility of the company by having an SEO friendly web design. By having the right web design for the law firm, it has the potential to attract an audience that is looking for top professionals that can cater legal services.


Things That a Law Firm Marketing Agency Can Do For You

If you have a law firm, it is a good idea that you hire a marketing agency to handle the company’s advertising needs. But unlike before, you need to focus your attention on a law firm marketing agency that can help improve your company’s online presence. Law firm marketing agency can help in different ways. Here are some benefits that you can get if you ever decide to avail of their services.

Create the best content

Content can help get more customers, not to mention improve your company’s ranking.  Unfortunately, it is common that lawyers no longer have the time to write blogs that can attract their customers. For these perceived small tasks, it is a common scenario that they’d rather hire someone else to write for them. Unfortunately, not everyone can write content for the legal niche.

For marketing agencies, it is common that they have experienced copywriters that are also knowledgeable of the jargons involved in your practice. They can schedule content that can be used on your blog, or even improve the current content on your pages.

Increase traffic on your website

There are a lot of reasons why you are not getting the traffic that you wanted for your website.  In order to improve the site’s traffic, there are different things that have to be done. From SEO to promoting the website on social media, these are just some of the methods that law firms usually forget without the aid of a marketing agency. But of course, if you don’t have any idea if you are doing it correctly, there is always that chance that your traffic remains the same, or it might even slow down.

Get relevant likes for your page

Having a website isn’t enough. In fact, having the right social media platform is also crucial in order to improve your visibility online. And why should you not use Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms when it can get you closer to your market?

However, it is quite difficult to get the right people to like your page. With the help of an online marketing agency, it is possible to get attract the right audience. You can increase not only the number of likes and followers on social media; you can also guarantee that these are the people who you can consider as your market.

Build a solid branding

Next, it is also possible to build your branding. Branding goes beyond the logo and the images. It is also important to consider the type of voice that you use on your social media, not to mention the content that you produce online. Online marketing agencies can professionally build your company’s brand. It is even possible that your law firm is perceived more trustworthy than other firms in your area.

Online marketing can help build your company. In fact, if you are worried about competing against much bigger law firms in your area, the more that you should focus on online marketing. Dominating the online world can already help small firms have the opportunity to stay afloat or even grow and compete against other well-funded competitors.


Common Online Marketing Mistakes by Lawyers and Law Firms

Finding an attorney might come in handy once or twice your lifetime. However, what makes the present day different from the past years is that you might never pick up a yellow page in order to find the right professional. Instead, you’d most likely go check the World Wide Web for the best attorney who can help you on your legal needs.

On the part of lawyers, it is crucial that they are web savvy. Having your own website is never enough especially today. It is important that you have the right attorney SEO strategies that can help increase the visibility of your website during searches. And what are some of the most common mistakes that lawyers make on their website when it comes to SEO?

Not having a mobile friendly website

Not having a mobile friendly website today is equivalent to missing a lot of your potential traffic. According to the latest studies, 80% of today’s World Wide Web users have a smart phone. In addition to this, 48% of consumers start their mobile search using a search engine.

And just how are these numbers important? Google has recently made changes on how it ranks websites. If you don’t have a mobile friendly website, there is a chance that you are not getting the best page rank.  This means that you already lose a lot of your potential clients.

Haphazard content

Content that isn’t planned well is also a big mistake committed by many law firms. Content can be a reflection of what you can do as a professional. It is important that the content is highly informative, not to mention easy to understand on the part of your potential clients. Providing free and useful information online can help build a solid reputation in the niche.

No social media marketing

Social media is another great way to connect to your potential audience. Most of the time, a lot of companies forget the fact that even lawyers need to have a balanced approach in order to not look too formal that may intimidate their potential clients. Having the right voice on social media can make a huge difference.

Not publishing blogs

It is not enough that you have a good content on your landing page. It is important that you are also producing blogs that can become useful to your audience. Make sure that the blogs answer the most pertinent legal questions of your clients.

Not checking the latest algorithm update

Making sure that your website is on top of the search result page can help your practice flourish in your area. Being able to have an SEO strategy that can help rank your site can be an affordable way to advertise yourself. However, keep in mind that SEO strategies should be updated every now and then. Also, you need to be able to look at the numbers and be sure to make the necessary adjustments.

If you are looking to improve the online marketing strategies of your law firm, make sure that you avoid these mistakes. Having the right strategy can help your company grow even if you don’t have a huge marketing budget.


What To Look For When Getting Online Marketing Companies for Law Firms Advertising

If you are an attorney who is looking to build a practice in your area, it is important that you know how to reach your potential clients. These days, you don’t need a good amount of money for law firms advertising.

In fact, you can maximize your presence by implementing an effective internet marketing campaign. However, there is a need that you are updated of the latest strategies out there. Online marketing strategies five years ago may not be as effective today. There are also instances that not all online marketing strategies work for your situation.

This means that you need to assess carefully which approach you should be taking. One way to ensure the best online marketing strategies is by getting the help of the pros. But what exactly should you look for? Here is a guide that you can follow when hiring an online marketing expert for your law firm or law practice.

Knowledge of law practice

It is important that the online marketing expert that you go for is actually knowledgeable of the law practice. And why should they know a thing or two about what you do? This way, you can let them create the right content for your website while you don’t tarnish your reputation. It is important that they know the laws and your market in order to make a convincing content that can get people to choose your law firm over other firms in the area.

It also helps if they’ve been able to help other law firms. It is a good idea to look at their portfolio and past clients to get the best deal out of the online marketing experts.

Can make the necessary adjustments

There are instances when even companies need to adjust their online marketing strategies. There are times when they need to utilize other keywords, or even tweak the timing of their social media posts. And since different companies may have different markets, it is crucial that they should be able to interpret the numbers on a regular basis.

Reputable company

The last thing that you want is to stick to a company getting negative reviews from other clients. Make sure that you do your research first if you are going to hire an online marketing company or a freelancer. It is imperative that they have a good reputation. You don’t want to deal with an online marketing company that will take shortcuts in order for you to get results. You should be careful since there are time when shortcuts can actually do more harm than good to your law firm. For instance, banned SEO practices can even get your website de-indexed.

Know the cost of their services

Law firms advertising may no longer be as expensive as using traditional media; however, it may still require a good amount of money. Make sure that you compare the cost of their service to other online marketing experts in your area.

A lot of companies offer reasonable prices for their clients. However, make sure that you don’t just consider the price when it comes to choosing the right online marketing company. Also, be sure that you compare their credentials and their past works.