SEO Tips for Lawyers and Law Firm Websites

Marketing for lawyers is quite a specialized task. It is important to have an idea on what the market is doing, not to mention you should also do your research when it comes to the legal jargons and area/s of law that the law firm or lawyer is/are practicing. Over the years, one of the biggest mistakes of law firms and lawyers is to handle their own online marketing.

One aspect of online marketing that is has become popular over the years is SEO. Given the fact that 80% of Google users won’t even bother checking the second search result page, it is clear that SEO legal strategies are becoming more pertinent in today’s time.

Search Engine Optimization can help improve both visibility and traffic for your website, not to mention give you a higher clickthrough rate. Now, what are the best SEO tricks that you can do for your website?

Write original and useful content

Useful and original content is one of the best things that you can do to your website to make it rank. Over the years, search algorithms changed favoring websites that have original content. And not only is this a good SEO strategy, it can also be something that you want to do if you wish to build a reputation for your company.

Keyword research

One of the most important things about SEO, but frequently forgotten by a lot of site owners is keyword research. How do you select the right keywords for your SEO legal strategies? Should you go for highly competitive keywords? There are instances when you should also explore long tail keywords. Because of the popularity of mobile searches, there are users who make use of questions in their queries.

Social media marketing

Google looks at social media signals every now and then. This means that you should make it a goal to share your posts on social media platforms. If your content can become viral, the better it is. This can help your site’s ranking within the niche.


If you are already familiar with SEO, you may have heard before that backlinking used to be one of the most important things that a website can do to make their website rank. Though it is no longer the most important strategy, it is still relevant today. Link building allows search engines to see which sites are viewed as an authority in the niche.

However, keep in mind that you should be link building organically, or else suffer the consequences. And of course, the worst thing that could ever happen is that your website is de-indexed.

Invest on a mobile friendly website

Another important strategy that can help you rank is your site’s design. If you are hiring a web designer, make sure that he or she is capable of providing a mobile friendly version for your website. This makes sure that your site can fit smaller screens.

Today, Google ranks websites that are mobile friendly better than those that aren’t. This is Google’s response to the attitude of today’s internet users relying on their mobile gadgets for online information.


Tips on Finding a Good Lawyer Internet Marketing Expert

You may be a good lawyer, but if your online marketing isn’t getting the attention of your market, then don’t expect for your practice to grow any time soon. These days, expect people to look for a lawyer using their mobile phones and desktops. Gone are the days that people are looking at yellow pages for an available lawyer in their area. It is important for lawyers to hire an online marketing expert if they wish to improve their reach, and be able to adapt to the changing times.

If you have no prior experience in finding a good online marketing company for your law practice or law firm, here are some tips that you may find useful.

How many years have they been in business?

It is imperative that you first look at the number of years that they’ve been in business. If they survived five years in the business handling and was able to deliver great results for their clients, then it is possible that they can also produce the same results for your online marketing campaign.

However, keep in mind that lawyer internet marketing is a bit different. There is a need for the online marketing company to be aware of jargons and the laws. For instance, the content should sound professional and formal. In addition to this, crafting a voice on social media can be a bit tricky.

What is their expertise?

There are many approaches to online marketing. However, if you are running a law firm or planning to establish a reputable practice in your area, it is important to pick which strategy you want to include in your campaign. Email marketing for instance is a relevant option, but it isn’t always a good option considering some individuals will only need your service once or twice in their lifetime.

Are they good when it comes to SEO? Most likely, this is one of the handiest online marketing approaches that you should look into. Those websites found first via Google get a decent clickthrough rate that can help increase your relevant traffic.

Do they have experience working with law firms?

It is also a good idea if you can check their experience working with law firms. Has the law firm established a good presence online? Lawyer internet marketing is a tricky process that it may need a few adjustments along the way.

How much are they offering their services?

It is also important that you compare the price of their services. Is the price competitive enough? However, the cheapest option may not always be the best option. Be sure that you don’t just focus on the price of the online marketing company performing online marketing services for your law firm.

Not all online marketing companies can offer the same thing. And what you have to remember is that you should be aware of which company you should go for. You should also be careful because there are practices that can get your website de-indexed by Google. By following these tips, hopefully, you can expand your law practice.


What Can Lawyer Marketing Online Bring to Your Practice?

Having a law degree doesn’t necessarily mean that you will instantly have a flourishing practice. Building a career takes time. And given today’s time, it is important that you utilize the World Wide Web. Failure to utilize the online world can reduce your overall growth. Whether you have a law firm or you are practicing as an individual lawyer, the use of the World Wide Web is a must. If you are wondering about the benefits of specific lawyer marketing online, here are some things that you can get.

Build your own brand

What makes your law firm or your law practice different from other companies? That’s exactly where branding comes into play. Online marketing allows companies to establish their own brand. It makes it possible for the law firm or lawyer to project the image that it wants to project to its audience. And this goes true not only for aesthetics but even for the voice that you use.

Improve your reach

Reach is important especially if you just started your practice in the area. It is imperative that you increase the number of people that sees your company. How is this possible using online marketing? Facebook, for instance, can help target your audience with their sponsored post. You can also adjust your marketing budget with ease using this social media platform.

If you opt to improve your reach organically, one of the best ways is by crafting content that is relevant to your potential clients. Once the content goes viral, it becomes advertising in a subtle way.

Capture relevant market

Getting the right audience is quite important. But what if you are seeing your site’s traffic rise, only that they are not your market? Who exactly is your market? For a lawyer or a law firm, it is most likely people looking for help in their area. By crafting the right content, it is possible for you to be specific in your location. It is also pertinent that you use content that is specific as to what type of services you offer to your clients.

Improve communications

Inquiries shouldn’t be too hard to answer on the part of the clients. With your online presence, it is possible for them to send you a private message via your social media page, email, or call your office. These are different ways which you can communicate with your market. And most likely, law firms that communicate well with their potential clients usually seal the deal.

Build a reputation to your niche

Another important benefit of online marketing is that you can build a reputation in your niche. Content is a great way for you to build a solid reputation online. By having the right content, it makes it possible to have the right impression to your audience.

Reviews online can also help boost your practice. It can attract more people to call your office. And if there is a bad review found online, it is possible for you to do crisis management and still keep your reputation intact.


Common SEO Mistakes for Law Firm Websites

Being able to rank your website makes a huge difference especially if you are competing with other much larger companies in your area. Law firms, especially new ones, have to deal with this problem. It is not enough that you can provide the best legal service to your niche. If you wish to be considered as the top choice in your niche, make sure that you take the necessary steps in checking your SEO strategies. What can be the biggest mistake that you can make on your website if you run a law firm?

One of the biggest mistakes that you can ever make is to not have a plan on your content. There should be a constant supply of content. It should be comprehensive in nature and highly informative.

Next, a common mistake is to forget about the wonders of social media marketing. Social media marketing can help bring traffic on your website, not to mention algorithms are now looking at social media signals when ranking sites. And lastly, it is also a mistake to never have a mobile friendly website. Could you imagine the number of clients that you are missing because your site suddenly becomes a pain to use on smaller screens?