Common SEO Mistakes for Law Firm Websites

Being able to rank your website makes a huge difference especially if you are competing with other much larger companies in your area. Law firms, especially new ones, have to deal with this problem. It is not enough that you can provide the best legal service to your niche. If you wish to be considered as the top choice in your niche, make sure that you take the necessary steps in checking your SEO strategies. What can be the biggest mistake that you can make on your website if you run a law firm?

One of the biggest mistakes that you can ever make is to not have a plan on your content. There should be a constant supply of content. It should be comprehensive in nature and highly informative.

Next, a common mistake is to forget about the wonders of social media marketing. Social media marketing can help bring traffic on your website, not to mention algorithms are now looking at social media signals when ranking sites. And lastly, it is also a mistake to never have a mobile friendly website. Could you imagine the number of clients that you are missing because your site suddenly becomes a pain to use on smaller screens?

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