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How to Implement Online Marketing Strategies For Your Law Firm

More than ever, there is a need for law firms to know not only their practice, but also the basics of online marketing. Online advertising is the type of advertising that even startups can afford. In fact, your internet marketing approach can make or break your business. In fact, it can help even the smallest […]


Online Marketing Strategies for Lawyers and Law Firms

Lawyers and law firms usually target the clients nearby. It is imperative that they have an online presence in order to maximize the growth of their practice. These days, 72% of consumers who made a local search ended up visiting the establishment that is within a five mile radius. Also, given the growing number of […]


Easy to Follow Law Firm Internet Marketing Tips

How important is online marketing in today’s law practice? In some occasions, it can be the success or failure of your law firm or your law practice. For instance, if your website isn’t found I the first page of Google’s search result, there is a chance that you are going to lose valuable traffic. According […]

Effective SEO Law Tips That Law Firms Can Use

The internet has changed the way people connect with companies that can provide them the services and products that they need. The same goes for professionals providing legal assistance. There are a lot of lawyers that usually don’t maximize their presence online. Nowadays, this can be a big problem. For instance, 8 out of 10 […]


SEO Tips for Lawyers and Law Firm Websites

Marketing for lawyers is quite a specialized task. It is important to have an idea on what the market is doing, not to mention you should also do your research when it comes to the legal jargons and area/s of law that the law firm or lawyer is/are practicing. Over the years, one of the […]