Website Design for Law Firm: Things That Matter That The Most

If you will look at the numbers, Google gets 100 billion searches every month according to a study in 2015. That goes to show that people these days don’t need a directory in order to find the company that they wish to work with. If you are practicing as a lawyer or if you are running your own law firm, it makes sense that you also pay attention to your website and overall online marketing strategy.

However, over the years, website design trends have changed. An ideal website design for law firm companies five years ago may no longer be what is ideal today. If you are planning to have a website designed, here are some things that you should pay attention to.

Full-width website designs

It is important to adapt to new technology. Over the years, large screens have become common. And one of the best ways on how you can maximize large screens is by having a full-width design. It can help maximize the view and can even make navigation of different pages easier.

Instead of transferring to another page, the user simply needs to scroll down in order to find the necessary information on the website. With minimal switching of pages, it makes it easier for the user to read pertinent information on your website.

Focus on your content

It is important that the website design of your law firm is still geared towards content. There should be enough room for content. Not only does it provide the necessary information to your audience, it can also improve the overall ranking of the website.

Mobile friendly design

Another important web design consideration today is a mobile friendly design. According to a study, tablet users have the highest add-to-cart rate in contrast to other devices. This only means that there is also a chance that you are going to improve your conversion when you have a website that can fit to smaller screens. And also, those websites that can fit smaller screens have been ranking better over the past years compared to those websites that can’t adapt aren’t mobile friendly.

Include social media buttons

Social media is another important aspect that should be considered. When it comes to the website’s design, there should always be a portion dedicated to the social media platforms that the law firm has. This makes it easier for your potential market to follow your company on social media.

Page dedicated to queries

Communication should be made easy with the help of the website. It is imperative that the web design includes a contact us page that has the form where the user can send a question and leave his or her contact details.

A well-planned web design can help build a solid reputation to a law firm. It is also possible to maximize the visibility of the company by having an SEO friendly web design. By having the right web design for the law firm, it has the potential to attract an audience that is looking for top professionals that can cater legal services.


How to Implement Online Marketing Strategies For Your Law Firm

More than ever, there is a need for law firms to know not only their practice, but also the basics of online marketing. Online advertising is the type of advertising that even startups can afford. In fact, your internet marketing approach can make or break your business. In fact, it can help even the smallest companies stay afloat amidst bigger competitors in the area. It is important that you know what options you can go for if you are looking to implement an online marketing strategy for your law firm.

If you think that you are going to do a trial and error approach in your online marketing, here are some great proven effective methods that you can try to implement even on your own.

Take your SEO seriously

If you are going to look at effective law firm SEO practices, these are strategies that have adapted to the latest algorithm practices by top search engines. For instance, it is important that you focus on content.

Content strategy on your law firm SEO can make a huge difference. Content should be original and informative to your niche. For law firms and individual lawyers, it is important to cater content that can answer the most common questions. Also, it is imperative to take keyword research seriously. Instead of including highly competitive keywords, it is a good idea that you stick to long-tail keywords.

In terms of the length of the content, articles that reach 2,000 words have a much higher chance of reaching top search result pages. It also has a high probability of becoming viral. And if you can do this on a regular basis, this can ultimately help your website to rank well.

Establish a good social media presence

Social media presence is an important part of branding. It can give the company the impression that it wants to project to its potential clients. Of course, it is important that your social media platform’s voice is professional considering that you handle legal matters professionally.

Social media can also be used to handle negative reviews. If done correctly, it is possible to build a reputation online that can be viewed at par with other of the top lawyers and law firms in your area.

Email marketing

One of the things that make a huge difference online is email marketing. Email marketing has the ability to connect with your audience on their phone or even on their desktop. And over the years, email marketing has proven to be an effective strategy in selling products and services.

However, it can be a bit different when it comes to having a law firm. Unlike other companies that send discount coupons, it is a better idea to simply link useful articles to your email list.

Assess the statistics and numbers

It is important to assess the numbers weekly or monthly. This will give you an idea if the campaign that you’ve been doing is actually working. Unfortunately, not a lot of law firms know how to interpret the numbers. Do people really convert? Do people just leave your website? These are things that you should evaluate if you are looking to maximize your online presence.


Things to Check: Looking for a Law Firm Marketing Expert?

Practicing as a lawyer can be quite difficult especially if you are dealing with tough competition. Keep in mind that every year, more and more lawyers are able to practice their profession. And given the saturation of lawyers in some areas, it is always a good idea to approach marketing strategies the right way.

Not everything you do online can help your business grow. The same goes for lawyers and law firms. There is always that chance that you end up doing more harm than good. In fact, hiring the company to do law firm marketing online can make a huge difference. So what are the things that you need to look for when looking for a firm that you can cater to your online marketing needs?

Experience in law firm marketing

Law firm marketing is a bit different than any type of business. It is important that the online marketing company knows the characteristics of the market. Also, they should do some research when it comes to crafting content for the website. They should be aware of the jargons, not to mention laws in order to ensure that the content they provide is actually accurate to what you do.

In order to build a brand, it is important to not only craft a logo but also have the right voice on your social media. Online marketing firms have expert social media experts that can help companies connect with their clients the right way.

Capable of targeting the right audience

It is not enough that you are growing in the number of likes to your social media platforms. The same goes to your traffic. It is important that the right audience is finding you online. With experienced online marketing firms, it is possible to single out the audience that you attract.

Capable of creating a brand image

Brand image is everything especially for small and starting firms. This can prevent a small firm from closing especially when faced with tough competition. Capability to build branding can set the law firm from the other law firms in the area. It can make a company more capable than other law firms.

Should make use of statistics and numbers

It is also important that the online marketing is aware how to adjust the campaign according to the numbers that they see on a weekly or monthly basis. This helps in improving the overall performance of the law firm.

Ability to respond to crisis

It is important that the online marketing firm is capable of addressing crisis. There are instances when an unhappy client can always give a negative review for the company. It is ideal if the online marketing company can appease the situation. And often times, it requires experienced well established online marketing firms in order to protect law firms.

Traditional marketing can be quite expensive. It requires a lot of funds in order to even get your company on television and advertisement on main roads. On the other hand, online marketing methods can be done affordably. It can also have better results than your usual marketing methodologies.


Things to Look for In Web Design For Your Lawfirm

If you are going to have a law firm, part of what you should know in order to become successful is to engage with potential clients online. In order to grow your practice, it is imperative that you have an idea how to market your craft. These days, it matters that you are visible online. And on of the most important things that you have to consider is the law firm website design. Your web design will most likely affect how people see your services and even your law firm as a whole. Here are some basic things that you have to remember when choosing a website design for your company.

Mobile friendly

It is important that the website is mobile friendly. The last thing that you want is to have your visitors leave your site because they can’t navigate properly using their phone or tablet.

If you have a local market, the more that you should invest on a mobile friendly web design. Google has adjusted its algorithm favoring websites that are mobile friendly. Not only are you going to improve your SEO, it is even possible to get more people to stay in your website.

Full width

Technology usually dictates the trend in web design. And for your website’s desktop version, it is a good idea to use a full width design. It maximizes the use of large screens making it possible to use the right graphics.

In addition to full width design, you can also expect long scrolling. This helps simplify the navigation of a particular website. It is also a good option if you plan on having a website that can easily translate to mobile devices.

The right color

It is imperative that the right color is implemented in your web design. Over the years, a clean design has been utilized on websites in order to deliver a professional look. Keep in mind that as a law firm, it is also possible to use other colors. However, it should fit your branding.

Focus on the content

Content will still remain relevant. This means that websites should be designed with content in mind. It is important to know where to place the content especially if you need to make sure that you convince the potential client that your law firm is the best choice that they can make.

Content also helps the website rank. This means that providing the right area for content can help give your website the boost in visibility that it needs.

Graphics and visuals

It is equally important to invest on the right photos and videos. You can even integrate a video as your website’s background. This makes the site appealing and could even possibly increase conversion.

If you are trying to have a website for your law firm, it is always a good idea that you look at the modern trends in web design today. Keep in mind that a website shouldn’t just be aesthetically appealing but should also be functional. It should provide the visitor with the information that you will need even just by looking at your website.


Modern SEO Requirements

Without SEO, your website can never be maximized. For law firms, it is important that their website can be seen immediately when their potential clients search online. More than ever, it is imperative that your website is on top of the search result page.

Unfortunately, the SEO strategies that you’ve been doing in the past may no longer work today. For instance, if you still relied on backlinks to make the website rank, then this can be a problem. These days, Google algorithm has different points to consider. These days, content, loading time, and its ability to fit to smaller screens are considered.

If you are going to create content for your website, it is a good idea that you plan the content well. It is important that it is highly informative and interesting for your readers. If the content is 2,000 words plus, the better it is. Also, make sure that you place the right photos and videos that can further improve the experience of your readers. And of course, you should invest on a web design that is easy to load and can fit to smaller screens such as tablets and mobile phones.