Lawyer SEO: Effective Strategies to Make Your Site Rank Better

The legal profession can be a tough market to survive in. It requires a solid reputation, not to mention experience in order to build your number of clients. Over the years, companies with the ability to pay traditional media are the ones that usually grow their reach.

However, with the presence of online marketing, it becomes possible for companies such as starting law firms to have an equal footing against bigger and more established law practitioners. For instance, lawyer SEO can help companies maximize their website’s visibility. Here are some SEO strategies that you can go for.

Write longer

Comprehensive and useful content can help you get the best ranking for your website. A lot of companies forget the fact that people go online to read useful information about certain topics. It is a good idea to invest a lot of time on writing content that can be considered useful to your market.

Since you are offering legal services to your audience, it is a good idea that you don’t make the terms too technical. A lot of your readers don’t have any idea about the law. It makes sense that you create comprehensive content that can easily be understood by your audience.

According to SEO experts, content that contains 2,000 words rank better than shorter content. It can also discuss the topic more.

Use the right keywords

Keywords also play a huge role on how your website is going to rank. It is imperative that you know exactly how to find the right keyword that can work on your content. Unfortunately, a lot of websites still make use of highly competitive keywords. These popular keywords make it hard for your page to rank. Instead, what you can do is to find long tail keywords. Answering the queries can be a great strategy to get the best rank for your website.

Focus on your visitor’s experience

It is also important that you consider the user experience. It is imperative that the website is mobile friendly. Aside from the fact that it should fit the smaller screens because of the number of people using mobile internet, mobile friendly websites are also easier to navigate for users.

Apart from the mobile web design, a lot of SEO experts are suggesting websites to invest on having “https” instead of the usual “http”. In the future, experts are looking at the possibility of having secured websites getting the better ranking than those unsecured websites.

Speed up the website’s loading time

It is also imperative to speed up the loading time of your website. Websites that don’t load well are usually left by visitors anyway. These days, Google is also looking at your website’s loading time. And for those websites that load too long, don’t be surprised if you don’t see your website on the top of the search result page.

What you can do is to change your host. It is also a good idea to have the website redesigned. There are instances when a new web design can fix the problem.

More than ever, you should concentrate on your website’s SEO.  Lawyer SEO can be a deal breaker especially if you are somewhat new in your market. By doing these things, it is possible to get a decent market share.

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